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* I DON'T ALLOW ANY USE OF MY ART OR CHARACTER IN ANY FORM WITHOUT PERMISSION. Especially not to portray your OCs. Means, no tracing, no render, no uploading it to other websites without permission and no any other illegal actions. Thank you ^^ :heart:


Hello everyone!!

This is all what you've been waiting for, the announcement of the winners!! (I will properly thumb and mention everyone if they see this so it doesn't ruin the surprise by mentioning <3 ) firstly, an Introduction.. (this is so me XD)

The contest is officially over now!! Thank you all for those who have participated and sent me such lovely designs!! I couldn’t believe how many entries I got! They were all so cute and beautiful. I had a hard time picking just 3 winners, there were those with superior artwork and superior design. You guys are so talented!!

Other than it has to follow the rules and criteria, let me tell you what I have considered into picking the shortlist as well..  “Can I create stories with them? Will they fit into my art style?” etc. There are those design that just screams stories in my head, and I knew that those needed to be shortlisted. I have also considered those with better art than the rest, but since this is an adoptable contest, the design is the most important regardless of skills etc. Sometimes, I see a very good design, but I am not sure what will I do with them. So I did not pick it. Originality also plays a big part in this! Sometimes they did drew very beautifully, but I did not like much of the design, so it wasn't picked. That sorta thing, a lot of consideration !

But this is a contest afterall, as much as I want to at least win everybody on the shortlist T_T;; but because there are so many good entries, (omg with my humble prizes T_T I’m so touched) I will add more winners to it. Because I feel like your art is worth more than what I could offer, but please accept my additional prizes. I will also buy the designs that I like very much. I will contact those within 48 hours.

I also would like to express my gratitude to the 4 judges.. Villyane, tomatopuppy, 2 of my real life friends (last 5 is me!). So I know that these designs not only work in the artist community, but also work well with people in real life.

Well enough the chit chat.. lets see the winners!


:star: 3rd WINNER!! :star:
Prize: $30

CE : hanna n greta by AliceofBunny
Congratulations Aliceofbunny!

Judge commentary:

We argued a lot on who should be on the 3rd place. It was a hard decision..
Out of 5 judges, 3 picked this one, so majority wins! Lastly the concept of those two are very unique and I love it very much!
I think the concept of the two tied together is very unique.
When I first see this design and read the description, stories flows right through my mind!! And that cake hat, so cute!!
So it has to be one of the winners!

:star: 2nd WINNER!! :star:
Prize: CPS Pro license + $30

Puss in Boots by N-Maulina

Congratulations N-Maulina!

Judge commentary:

Puss in boots! Everything in this character is perfect.
Everyone could agree that not only she put so much effort in the design, but also the art, and even having a second pose for her!
An image of the iconic puss in boots captured very well, she looks energetic and brave just like the puss in boots we all know.
All the judges agree QUICKLY that this one should be in the finalist. I actually wanted this one to be in the 1st place, but again, majority wins... and that hole in the hat, gosh I couldn't be much happier than this design XD !! (I love cats so bad.)
so onto the next winner..!! DUDUDUN!!




:star: 1st WINNER!! :star:
Prize: CPS EX license , $50 + Free artwork from Villyane

CE: Alice in Wonderland by owlholic

Congratulations Owlholic!

Judge commentary:

RPG Alice!! I think all the judges agree that this image of Alice is very strong. I could already imagine what kind of adventures she is going through with this design. I have seen many other Alice entries, but this one stood out the most for us. Just look at those accessories on her back! It all fits into the criteria that I like. She is definitely recognizable as Alice, and addition of the RPG feel does not ruin her image. Definitely a character that I would love to work with! Well done!! Without a debate we thought this should be in the 1st place, well deserved!! :heart: We absolutely LOVE it!

Honorable mentions!! (in no particular order, equally good) we LOOOVE these designs so much!!

[CE] Fairytale Design Contest by Novclow

A japanese-influend rapunzel? And it doesn't look weird too now THAT'S what I call great design ! :heart: Lovely artwork too, much love love love. Pretty from top to bottom!

[CONTEST] Shoemaker Elf by CLassicNightmare
Well this one is a personal favourite with one of the judges as well. Very adventurous and agile looking. A little tomboy-ish too, something I don't see very often nowadays! A variety is always good!

ADOPT: Puss in Boots by berrysquid
Most of the judges loveee this one as well. She looks so cute and badass at the same time!! Totally captured the image of puss in boots in my head! It includes everything I want to see in a puss design! I really want to develop this character into a story! She will fit right in!

Tongue-Cut Sparrow by nuclearoushazard
Although not actually a blond, this one is exceptional due to language barrier reasons. It's so me though, I LOVE japanese things. I don't know what I don't like about this character, she is really cute and everything. I love her hairstyle and the design fits really well to the story. The artist clearly put an effort to even draw a complete reference sheet of her (even writing a very good description for her). I just can't wait to draw her!

Design Contest~ by KentChan

 I loved so much the cute little character, her face is ADORABLE I want to hug her right now. I cant get over how cute this one is!! Just look at her , aaah! Cuteness over 9999.

And here are a feature of the rest of the shortlist ! (Most of them -THIS- close to being honorable). I have a hard time choosing the top 5 mentions, because we picked very wide varieties from these shortlist also. They all look equally stunning!!

ScarletHood by Girutea[CONTEST] Nutcracker Girl by CLassicNightmareAdoptable 187 - Auction (Open) by ChitChatCafeAlice in The Wonderland by pirupiruzeContest Entry : Tinkerbell by Innervalue[CE] The Red Shoes by hirappon[CE] Red Velvet Riding Hood by ShiraKyandii
[CE] Sleeping Beauty Lolita Design by Maruuki[OPEN] Adoptable Auction/Buy~ Rapunzel Inspired by mintycatartthe swan lake by verevutoCE Swan Lake Tale by NabilaEH[CE] Fairytale Design by misuuriQueen of Rumpelstiltskin by Hanromi[CE] Snow White by EizenHowerPrincess Swanlake by xilveroxasCONTEST DESIGN-SLEEPING BEAUTY by MilkyWay-GalaxyCE:TinkerBell by NamiiuCE : Red Ridding Hood by Akai-LenContest Entry  SWAN LAKE by lapedas

And the rest of the entries!!

With fun 'facts'!!! Here are the fairy tales list and their original numbers with the entries!! (if yours isn't featured let me know)

 Alice in wonderland –  (10)

[Contest Entry] Alice in Wonderland by Naokocchi[Contest] Red Queen by KishaSharieCE fairy tale : alice in digital land-Vorpal mode- by sky-n-flyContest: Fairytale Adoptables by niekaoriSword of Chronos by lala-yonjiaCE: The red queen, Ursula and Maleficent by NekkohimeMad Hatter by aokenshiRedQueen(AliceIW) by kalayaraOTA: Alice In Wonderland Adopt by MarchBunny

Red riding hood – (13)

Adopt: Red Riding Hood [open] by SoulEaterAR [CONTEST] Gretel - dark version - by shiyo09 CE~RPG Little Red Riding Hood by pandaloverOAOContest Entry : Red Riding Hood in the City by MartopoloContest Entry: Red Riding Hood by MaydonyCE: Red Hooded Blonde by Syndicthcontest entry - the Big Bad Wolf by ACrowsCollectionFairytale Contest by Shirazen[CE] Red Riding Hood themed adoptable by Youinii
For sale!!
Red riding hood adoptable (OPEN) by SilvermoonAdoptables

Snow white – (7)

Snow White: Character Design Contest by HirokaChii[CE] Fairytale Design Contest by China-Girl-DollCE: The red queen, Ursula and Maleficent by NekkohimeCE: snow white - witch by puranneCE: snow white by puranneCE: Snow White by sohfie[CE] Snow White by ArcsolOTA: Alice In Wonderland Adopt by MarchBunnyRedQueen(AliceIW) by kalayaraDTA: Red Riding Hood Adopt by MarchBunny

Sleeping beauty – (4)

[Fairy Tale Design Contest] Aurora-chan by Kira-Ayaka

Hansel and Gretel – (3)

:Contest Entry: Fairy tale by grk2614ADOPT: Gretel by berrysquid

Puss in boots –  (3)

CON: Puss in Boo-- Shoes. by Recolzer

Swan lake –  (4)

everything got shortlisted (i think)

Rapunzel –  (5)

Rapunzel Chess by imaqtpuddinFairytale Design [Rapunzel] by Shira-AkayashaCE:  inspired rapunzel by Shizuka-Yoru

Rumpelstiltskin – 1 (shortlisted)

Beauty and the beast – (2)

Entry for KPJ11 Fairy tale contest by Shian-selene.:CE:. Adoptable by IvoryBells

Cinderella – 1

(2 actually with a mix and match… but really --? I love Cinderella, and she is the reason why I hold this contest actually, thus why the hint of her glass shoes in the picture... QwQ!! )

[CE] Cinderella Midnight Personalities (lol) by ezekuro

Aladdin – (2)

[CE] Aladdin themed adoptable by YouiniiFemale Adoptable #1 (OPEN) by cronasonlyfriend

Little match girl – (4)

C: Fairytale Design Contest by blobrabbit[CE] The Little Match Girl by heerart14The Little Match Girl : twisted by LauwLinCE : The Little Match Girl by Shizakichi

Tinkerbell & Peter pan – (4)

[Fairy Tale Design Contest] Tinker Bell by Den2S<da:thumb id="517050338"/>

Thumbelina – (4)

Thumbelina by BromocresolGreen.:CE:. Thumbelina by HoniduContest Entry: Thumbelina by ThanhnuFiaADOPT: Thumbelina by berrysquid

Mix and match – 1

Auction/OTA: Alice X Cinderella Adoptable by RuffeyHana

The little mermaid – (3)

The Little Mermaid Adoptable Auction (OPEN) by raflaelCE: The red queen, Ursula and Maleficent by NekkohimeADOPT: Ursula by berrysquid

Others –  (14)

CE PINOCCHIO (before the lies) by margarethnovThe Princess and the Frog by candypiggyhimeCE~Steampunkish Kaguya by pandaloverOAOFairyTale Contest by LynMimiChanCE: Goldilocks themed adoptable [Speed Paint link] by VisualVerdict<da:thumb id="515734457"/>[OPEN] Set-Price Princess Adopt (points) by OginZContest Entry :Caith Sith: by de-yuliThe Beautiful Angel (Adoptable) by Megumi-SeramuFairytale Adopt OTA by AsarelCE: fairy tale design by carcarchu

As you can see , red riding hood tops this contest!!

SO!! SURPRISE!! I decided to have another winner in the most popular fairy tale category "Red riding hood"

Congratulations to...

CE : Red Ridding Hood by Akai-Len

Akai-len!! (Honorable #6)

All of the judges quite love the idea of this rpg red hood. I mean there are a LOT of other amazing entries for it, but I think..
having a big badass wolf with the girl is a win. She looks badass too with her weapon. What kind of great adventures will they go through?! I am excited to think about it as well! Definitely what I want in my books, isn't that what fairy tale is all about? Full of magic and fantasy!

:star::star::star: !! IMPORTANT REMINDER for winners!! :star::star::star:

Please take note that this adoptable character will belong to me, with your design credit of course, and I will be free to use it for whatever things I want, including drawing them, RP with them, include them for my stories, alternate their design however I wish (including changing colors, hairstyle, etc), use them for my other characters, include them in my incoming artbooks that I will sell (it is about blond anthology of fairy tales characters), make artworks that can be profitable for me. But I will not resell the design as it own. If you do not agree, then please don't join this contest. You're strictly not allowed to resell the design that have won.

For honorable mentions, I offer to give you an additional prize (must be lower than 3rd prize). So if you think your adoptable might sell much better in auction, please feel free to decline my offer for additional prize. You can note me how much you want to sell those, with the above rules clearly understood. I will not accept any dramas about the usage of your adoptables in the future.


For those who didn’t win, DONT BE DISCOURAGED!!! All of your entries are AMAZING. But this is a contest afterall TvT everybody cant win Q_Q I will try to comment on everyone's submission too, not guaranteed though ^_^

Also please feel free to sell your characters! If you decide to sell it, please let me know. I will put this journal featuring your adoptables for a few months!! So this will hopefully promote you as well ^^ those who uploaded only in their st.ash feel free to link me to your new deviation.

In the end, please avoid any wars on which entries are better, even fighting “this should win” "this art is better" "that design is better" etc. JUST NO. NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS ON THESE WINNERS. And no butthurt comments like "My design is better than this". I will block and hide whoever say anything like this. Respect the artist, and respect my decision and the other judges..!! I couldn't be happier about the entries you all have submitted..!!



Also here is my patreon, I added more tier including $1 per month ^_^

Share of my journal Support my patreon!Just made a patreon.. haha. joining the bandwagon.
I accept any other suggestions for patreon!
I know I'm not that good to make a patreon, or is even anyone willing to support. But I would really really appreciate it!! QwQ
also patreon page only works in chrome (damnit) so mozila users be warned >_<
If you have any question just let me know!!
Thank you so much people!!
small updates.
Contest winners will be announced thursday 5th!
commissions working slowly, 2 more to finish. Will not accept anymore because I am having terrible chest burns and breathing problems lately.
  is appreciated!


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